** Please be advised, the Soil Declaration Form must be completed before materials can be accepted. This soil declaration form will be valid for three months from the date of approval.

VIC - ESG Longwarry

341 Sand Road, LONGWARRY NORTH, VIC 3816

Complete Soil Declaration Form
Tue 5 Mar
Hours: 7:00-16:00
Wed 6 Mar
Hours: 7:00-16:00
Thu 7 Mar
Hours: 7:00-16:00
Fri 8 Mar
Hours: 7:00-16:00
Sat 9 Mar
Hours: 7:00-13:00
Sun 10 Mar
Hours: -
Mon 11 Mar
Hours: 7:00-16:00

VIC - ESG Longwarry

UHF Channel 9
The UHF channel is posted on signs when you enter the site.

• Flashing light clearly visible from all sides, must be on at all times whilst onsite
• All trucks must be fitted with operational reversing beeper
• Equipment must be serviced and maintained to manufacturers requirements
• Pre-start checklist must be completed each morning to ensure equipment is safe to operate
• Equipment must be fitted with operational UHF Radio and turned on
• Trucks are to carry valid fire extinguisher
• PPE – Long Sleeve Shirt, HI Vis Vest/top, Long Pants, Steel Capped Boots

Prior to visiting this site, please ensure you have completed a Soil Declaration Form for every project location, which expire 3 months after approval.
This form can be found at www.soildeclaration.com or accessed via our website.

Please ensure that you have received the approval email containing your ESG job number before arriving onsite as its required upon arrival.

We accept Clean Fill material only and have a minimum 6 LCM charge.

Material fill type will be assessed upon arrival at the gate house.

We cannot accept inert waste, e.g. bricks, concrete, metal, asphalt, asbestos, rubbish, contaminated fill or garden waste.

Please bring a valid credit card to the ESG site when disposing of your material.

If you are interested in opening an account, please contact Accounts on 1300 TIP ESG (847 374) option 3.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Location info

Fill Types


Dry Fill

$8 /per m3 +GST

Wet Fill

$25 /per m3 +GST

Grassy Fill

$16 /per m3 +GST

Rocky Fill

$16 /per m3 +GST

Please note:
  • All prices are subject to change
  • ESG have a minimum 6 LCM charge per load
  • All material is subject to site review and approval, if material is classified as anything other than dry fill you will be notified by email and the applicable charges will be applied.

Please be advised, the Soil Declaration Form must be completed before materials can be accepted.

Complete Soil Declaration Form

**This soil declaration form will be valid until three months after approval.